Watch: Setting a World Record, When You're over 100 ⋆

Watch: Setting a World Record, When You’re over 100

The world of sport is among the most exciting in the world thanks to the competitive nature of sport. Sport allows us to see things that, put simply, we would never see alone. It allows us to get inspired by the world around us and the activities of people who can inspire and surprise in equal measure.

Julia Hawkins and Orville Rogers, 102 and 100 respectively, genuinely set new world records for those in the 100+ age group. It’s a very interesting story, with Julia completing the 100+ 60m in 24.79. Orville, meanwhile, surpassed an impressive 19:13 for his time across the 60m men’s tournament.

Despite their growing years, the duo are passionate athletes and have committed most of their lives to staying in good shape. Dallas-born Rodgers is also trying to set a record, too, for the 400m event where he finished in an impressive 4:16:90. Despite only taking up running at the age of 50, having overcome a stroke that paralyzed his hand and hip, the ex-pilot served in the Second War and also served as an airline pilot, saying that he can “really enjoy life.”

Baton Rouge resident Hawkins, the oldest woman ever to take part in the Championships, loved cycling before deciding to take up competitive running at the age of 100. “I just like the feeling of being independent and doing something a little different and testing myself, trying to get better. I want to please my family is the other thing,” she said in a Washington Post interview.

We salute both of them – it’s a tremendous achievement, and one that should be enjoyed and celebrated. Their ability to overcome physical challenges as they age should be a mark of reference for all of us who want to see the true beauty of sport: no matter your age, you can still shock the world!

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