Emotional 'Check-Ins' With Your Partner ⋆

Emotional ‘Check-Ins’ With Your Partner

You may be a well-meaning person who is totally in love with your partner, but sometimes you just forget to tell them about it. A lot of relationships fall apart just because we don’t make the time to send a simple text or verbalize a word of appreciation.

Some find it easier than others, but if you have trouble remembering to express your emotions to the people you care about most, there’s a solution, and it’s easy! Set up reminders for yourself throughout the day.

Chris Welch, an editor at The Verge, tweeted a funny blip about a marriage counseling app that does just that – reminds you to express daily appreciation or text something sweet to your partner. A lot of people responded to his tweet with the realization that, hey, maybe he’s onto something!

One responder noted, “As someone with ADHD, I think this can be very helpful. I think my friends would vouch I am a well-meaning person but my brain has trouble consistently expressing these things.”

Especially for those who struggle with anxiety or depression and find it difficult to be a supportive partner, an app like this could be truly helpful, others pointed out.

Marriage counseling app

So, Welch connected his followers to “Lasting,” the original marriage counseling app. It costs $11.99 a month, but if it means saving your relationship, it could be well worth the cost. And it does more than just send you reminders.

However, you can also make the same reminders for yourself. Perhaps, you can just set up calendar reminders for yourself, write it down on a planner, or even email yourself the night before.

Some great reminder apps you could try are Alarmed and Any.do. But be sure you don’t get too mechanical with it! Switch up the times so that your partner doesn’t begin to feel like a routine or a to-do you check off your list.