Selena Gomez's Pilates Trainer Reveals 3 Booty-Perfecting Workouts ⋆

Selena Gomez’s Pilates Trainer Reveals 3 Booty-Perfecting Workouts

People exercise hard to get their summer body in shape. This includes controlling the diet, moving gym to gym, trying various different trainers and God knows what not. Sometimes they reach their goals and sometimes they do not.

Getting a perfect booty is a dream of every girl out there. Being curvy, round and smooth is preferred by everyone. However, this ideal booty is not something that can be accomplished easily. Some sweat has to be shed and a lot of different exercises have to be done.

Shannon Nadj | Instagram

To help you get a perfect booty, Selena Gomez’s trainer reveals booty perfecting workouts. Our days to become like Selena Gomez are not far now. The trainer is called Shannon Nadj who trains at her LA based studio named, Hot Pilates. The workouts are very intense and yield quick results. So it’s never too late to get a perfect booty you have dreamed. Shannon says “we are known as one of the hardest most intense workout studios in Los Angles.”

The trainer also reveals that to make the environment intense the temperature of the studio is raised to 35 degree Celsius (95F) which is quite hot, sticky and sweaty.

Let’s see what the magical workouts are:

Sidekick series

Shannon discloses that these are classical moves which involve kicking one leg up to get nice long legs. Every kick initiates from the center core. This workout is Shannon’s and in fact Selena Gomez’s favorite series.


She says “The girl works out so hard. The booty is her favorite spot to emphasis.” The moves look easy but all the muscles are working hard inside.

All fours

This a full body workout with involves legs, arms, spine, and main body. The body’s weight is on the arms and one leg, while the other leg is being stretched. The trainer says that this workout is best to get booty in shape before an event.

Selena Gomez || Instagram

On the events such as red carpet, weddings or a photo shoot, the posture is being watched. As you walk into the room you are using your core, shoulders back.

Pelvic Lift

This third exercise is easy, calm and uses balance. If you have an injury or recovering from a kidney transplant like Selena, use this to exercise. This exercise involves using stomach and gluteus to lift the booty up. The muscles get strong inside out.


The swimsuit season is just around the corner. These intense exercises require some sweat to be shed but they will surely give fast results in making your booty ready for the swimsuit season. This time you won’t be among those who hide due to the body not being in shape. It’s time for you to come out and show off what you have got.


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