Secret Revealed: Why Japanese Women Stay Young? ⋆

Secret Revealed: Why Japanese Women Stay Young?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Japanese women seem to excel in their health and vitality. It’s almost as if they don’t age at all! And compare their rate of obesity to ours here in America?

There’s no competition. They live longer and look great doing it. This phenomenon can be explained by their healthy eating habits – small portions of low-calorie foods that improve the health of your bones, organs, and muscles.

But in a culture like ours, cooking like the Japanese seems daunting – it’s unfamiliar and something that looks and tastes so good must take a lot of skill!

Meet Naomi Moriyama

Well, Naomi Moriyama would disagree. A Japanese native now living in America, she has made a way for Japanese cuisine to be much more accessible to just about anyone.

It all began with Naomi’s mother who taught her everything she knows about cooking rice, preparing vegetables Japanese style, and making Miso.

All of this and more, she has laid out in her cook book Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat in a way that a western audience can easily understand.

The cookbook isn’t just simply filled with recipes but the background necessary to understand in order to make the food properly.

Kitchen Memories

Naomi has her mother’s love to thank for her deep interest in cooking and the resulting cookbook Women Don’t Get Old or Fat.

Her mother didn’t just love cooking; she loved her children and, therefore, wanted to feed them food that was good for the mouth as well as their body.

It was how she protected her family, and even when Naomi moved from Tokyo to America, she still felt her mother’s care.

Engulfed in the busy, instant-gratification lifestyle of the west, Naomi was influenced by the eating habits around her. Her daily intake included lots of carbs and unhealthy alternatives.

Watching all of this unfold, Naomi’s mother was sure to prepare the tastiest and healthiest food whenever Naomi and her husband visited in Tokyo.

It wasn’t long before Naomi noticed that every time they visited her mother, they felt – and looked! – so much better.

Deconstructing the Mysteries

Naomi realizes, however, that many of the ingredients involved in every-day Japanese food can seem daunting to your average Westerner.

Whether it’s poison blowfish or raw sea creatures like fish and urchins, the idea of preparing such things in your own kitchen can be a bit scary.

In Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat, she tackles these problems and makes a healthy, delicious lifestyle of the Japanese easy for any person to appreciate and apply in their own kitchen. Her techniques and recipes are understandable and repeatable.

Look Better, Feel Better

As a result of her mother’s cooking whenever Naomi and her husband visited, they noticed a remarkable difference not only in their looks and weight but also in their energy levels.

Often we think that to get more done, we need to stock up more, but Naomi found that this was not the case when you eat what’s good for your body.

The problem here in the west is that we load up on poor-quality food; in reality, we’re giving our bodies extremely cheap fuel that will only harm us in the long run.

What Japanese food does is it places the focus on the quality of what you’re putting into your body instead of the quantity. As you’re more mindful of what you put in your body, it reacts and runs much better!