Scandals Of The Discovery Channel Network ⋆

Scandals Of The Discovery Channel Network

The Discovery Channel is supposed to be about discovery, isn’t it? It seems these days all we’re really discovering are new scandals about the cast and crew of the channel’s shows.

Discovery Communications, which owns Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet, is no stranger to controversy, whether it’s misleading their audience or something much, much worse. The network has reality shows literally riddled with convicted criminals – some of whom are pedophiles and felons.

Though this news usually leads to a show’s cancellation, it’s impossible not to wonder why the Discovery Channel seems like such a magnet for this kind of behavior. Take a look at the biggest scandals in Discovery Channel history. You won’t believe how these people were actually able to profit off of their bad behavior.

Pawn Stars Don’t Work There

Pawn Stars is a show about the lives of Corey, Chum Lee, The Old Man and Rick as they closely inspect and buy any number of artifacts and old goods. Yes, they worked at their shop on a regular basis prior to the camera people being around, but that is not so true today.

Them being at the shop just gets in the way of the customers and potential sales because of the camera crew that looms around. These days, the group only go to the shop for filming but that doesn’t happen often.

Find out how viewers are tricked: