Saved Kitten And A Wedding Proposal. What? ⋆

Saved Kitten And A Wedding Proposal. What?

This is one of those beautiful stories we all like to read. The kitten named Gandalf was part of an ‘elaborate’ love scheme to inform a lady she is going to be a bride soon. It was a creative gesture, and the internet has been going wild with the story.

The couple who are animal lovers already had a dog named Shamus. Everything was great with them but got better when Gandalf came along. It was a surprise planned by Jerad Forsyth for his girlfriend Kat Woodley who had a passion for cats. After visiting local shelters where rescue pets are kept, Jerad found the adorable kitten.

Adopting Gandalf was easy because it was so cute. What’s more, Kat didn’t know about the adoption, so Jerad planned to introduce Gandalf to his family in a special way. Little did he know this plan was going to become a viral story on the internet.

Jerad completed the plans to adopt Gandalf from the SPCA in Eric County and informed Kat of the surprise. There was a catch; she had to go pick up Gandalf because it would be nice if Kat made a short video to promote the adoption of pets. Kat, who was already excited about getting a kitten didn’t suspect anything, she agreed to help Jerad.

At the center, introductions were made and preparations set to shoot the short film. But there was something different about Gandalf; an engagement ring was attached to its collar. What a double surprise for Kat. She couldn’t believe it, to remove any doubts about a mistake, Jerad came in, the cameras rolling, asked her to marry him with a card he held out to her.

It was such a beautiful moment. Kat said yes! What a wonderful way to propose and adopt a pet. The beauty of this story is that two people who are in love have willingly accepted to share their lives with furry friends they can take care of for the rest of their lives. There is no doubt Gandalf is going to a home where it will be loved and cared for, considering the joy Kat will feel anytime she looks at the cute kitten, we can say that cat is going to be pampered for the rest of its life.

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