Sanitation Worker's Kind Gesture Caught on Camera ⋆

Sanitation Worker’s Kind Gesture Caught on Camera

Moments of genuine kindness are the best when they’re caught on camera – especially when those performing the acts of kindness have no idea they’re being watched! Colette Kingston, a woman from Kansas City, Missouri, caught the kind Waste Management worker, Billy Shelby, in a sweet moment like this just last week, and now she’s shared the sweet video with the whole world.

Kingston’s 88-year-old mother, Opal Zucca, had a bad fall in January while trying to bring her garbage can up her driveway. She fell and got hurt, but, “Thankfully her trash guy was there and helped her back up and stayed with her until the ambulance arrived,” Kingston told CBS News.

“Ever since then, he has brought her trash can to her house every week. They have produced a strong friendship since then.”

They’re Good Friends Ever Since

Now, Shelby sees Zucca every week, and Kingston noticed one particular wholesome exchange between the two on her mother’s Ring doorbell camera. She was so touched that she shared the video on her Facebook.

The video catches Shelby and Zucca walking hand-in-hand. Shelby says to her, “God bless you, darling,” and goes on to compliment her hair and joke about how much work his own hair needs. After a “good to see you,” he heads back to his garbage truck and on with his work.

With over 100,000 views on Facebook, the simple video went viral, grabbing the attention of many local media outlets. The first Shelby knew of it was when he was watching TV! “Me and my mother were sitting there watching the news, and I said, ‘That looks like me!’ And then when it came on, I said, ‘That’s me!'” Shelby said.  

Shelby has been working with Waste Management for four years. The fifty-year-old said he was simply just being himself. It seems he has a knack for making people smile! “I genuinely just like people, I believe smiles are contagious, you know what I mean?” he said.

Well, they certainly are, and now many more people than just Zucca are smiling as a result of Shelby’s amiable and kind personality!