Samuel L. Jackson is Turning 70 and Rates His Own Roles ⋆

Samuel L. Jackson is Turning 70 and Rates His Own Roles

I would never have believed it if I hadn’t checked it myself. Samuel L. Jackson was born December 21, 1948!! He looks 50. What does he eat?

Yes, many other beloved stars are turning 70 this year, and for many of them, it is as hard to believe as believing this guy is 70, but still… Samuel L. Jackson, 70. I must say that it’s not makeup that makes him look younger.

The guy never stops. He has a wave of movies coming out in the next couple of years with him playing or voicing in, and it doesn’t seem as if he is planning on retiring any time soon. To celebrate the unbelievable fact that Jackson in turning 70, lets recap on his life with what he himself has listed as his favorite or best roles in his 30-plus years and over 100 movies.

His list

Among the other famous actors turning 70 this year, Jackson is the most active, among the actors that is. He has ranked 5 of his most favorite roles in The Undefeated entertainment website. Starting with number 5, NICK FURY of course, in Marvel Universe films (2008-19).

He says that “Nick is one of those blessings that just kind of fell out of the sky.” His face was used on a comic book without even telling him. Only later was he asked to join. Number 4 is FROZONE, LUCIUS BEST in The Incredibles, (2004) and The Incredibles 2, (2018). He loves it that his character has a superpower and that the fact that Lucius is this really cool dude that always has a solution. Number 3 is his role as MACE WINDU in Star Wars (1999-2005).  Jackson says that the reason is: “He’s a Jedi. Come on!” He got a part tailored for him by director George Lucas.

Number 2 on his list is JULES WINNFIELD in Pulp Fiction (1994). For him, the character was a dream come true. He didn’t pass an audition for Reservoir Dogs, but director Tarantino saved him a spot on this film.

And his most loved role was MITCH HENNESSY in The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996). He loves that movie so much, “I just loved Mitch because he’s got such a big heart. He’s a fun-loving, kind of profane guy that wants to be this thing that he’s not.”

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