Roseanne Barr Leaves Hollywood ⋆

Roseanne Barr Leaves Hollywood

Roseanne Barr has confirmed she will be spending a few months out of the States. She will spend her time in Israel. This is following the scandal that led to Roseanne losing her job as the lead character in ABC’s sitcom Roseanne, which was on its way to becoming a very successful TV show before the media disaster.

She is originally from Israel, so we are not surprised Roseanne has chosen to go there. When asked about how she plans to spend her time in Israel, Roseanne mentioned spending more time with her teachers in Israel. Now that she is out of a job, this is probably a great time to visit Israel for some physical learning.

This news comes when we have been alerted about “The Connors” TV show that will be premiering very soon. It is being speculated that this premiere is the reason Roseanne suddenly wants to go somewhere very far away.

Roseanne had been ‘found guilty’ of cyberbullying and probably racism. She posted a ‘nasty’ tweet that described Valerie Jarrett, who was the former adviser to President Barrack Obama, as a mix of “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of Apes.”

It was an outrage. The public and social media did not find her tweet funny. Roseanne was promptly tried in the ‘online courts,’ and the verdict passed that she was guilty. Left with no choice and overwhelming evidence, ABC had to cancel Roseanne’s show. That was not all; the social media went wild for about two days. The tweet was condemned by almost everyone who read it; the retweets were so many it went viral very quickly.

Roseanne did apologize for her tweet in an effort to save herself from the public embarrassment. But it was too late; too many eyes had seen the tweet and so many comments had been made.

When asked what she could have done differently, Roseanne commented that she might have thought twice about apologizing for the tweet. From her perspective, she thinks the apology made the situation worse. And this could be true because that apology made the racist tweet go viral again. Everyone referred to the tweet when they read her apology. The public and media include different types of people to appease.

The cast is moving on with the show, but with a new name. The spinoff for the old sitcom ‘Roseanne’ will now be named ‘The Conners.’ While it is bad news for Roseanne, the remaining actors in the cast will enjoy more publicity and probably higher financial benefits when the show premiers.

Roseanne has been entirely cut off from the sitcom. She will also not be expecting further payments or royalties from her previous work. The new show is set to premiere in October.

Roseanne started her acting career as a stand-up comedienne before venturing into the TV scene. She had a good run as the main character of the show ‘Roseanne’ which earned her recognition as the best actress during awards. Roseanne has an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award for her role on the cancelled show.

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