Rocking a Bikini as an Example for My Daughter ⋆

Rocking a Bikini as an Example for My Daughter

Since giving birth to a little girl nearly five years ago, I made the decision to wear a swimsuit with confidence. I realized how important it is when raising a daughter to treat your body with confidence.

I’ve always been quite active and felt reasonably comfortable putting on a bikini, but my body has never been perfect according to the world’s standards. And as I’ve gotten older and given birth to a child, things have gotten mushier and droopier. However, I now have an impressionable girl who looks up to me. What I do affects who she becomes.

So, if I am living an empowered life and treating my body with respect and confidence, my daughter will see it and take on that attitude. In fact, she already displays that kind of self-esteem at the young age of four. You should have seen her outfit the other day – a leopard top and striped leggings; and she wore them with such confidence!

But if she observed me at the beach, too ashamed to take off my coverup and just be, what kind of message would I be sending? How would I be making her think about appearance?

It’s so important that the way I act and talk about my body is positive because I am shaping the way she will think about her body, and I want her to think and know that she is good enough, that the size and appearance of her body is not what matters. So, as an almost forty-year-old with two kids, I am owning my body.

Yes, I’ve probably gained 10 pounds over the last year since I haven’t been training for a half marathon, though we don’t own a scale. I don’t love how I look in bathing suits as much as I did in my twenties, but I’m still wearing them.

What I Fell Comfortable With

In fact, we just returned from a trip to Florida. I had packed a few one-pieces in addition to my bikini, but they ended up never leaving the suitcase. It comes down to comfort to me, and even with a few extra pounds added to my middle, bikinis are just more comfortable for me.

And it’s not easy finding a suit as a young mother. You’re at that in-between stage where you aren’t wearing what the more mature crowds wear, but you don’t want a string bikini either. In addition, your boobs could use a little extra help.

I’m pretty sure I ended up trying on almost fifty swimsuits before our vacation, and the one I settled on was more of a sports bra-like one. Maybe it wasn’t the best for tanning, but it sure was comfortable. Again, comfort is my focus and what I want my daughter’s focus to be.

Once I settled on what made me feel good, I was able to lay and play on the beach without a care. I could jump in the waves or read a book by the pool, and I never thought about covering up or whether or not people were judging my body.

I just didn’t really care! My daughter can observe her mother with an imperfect body wearing a swimsuit without a care in the world. I hope this empowers her and helps her as she grows into a young woman surrounded by a world so focused on appearance. I hope she flaunts what she’s got, no matter what.