Roadside Christmas Baby Born Miraculously ⋆

Roadside Christmas Baby Born Miraculously

Miracles have no due date or time, when they tend to happen they happen. Christmas is always full of surprises, miracles, and astonishments and just like that Christmas brought a world’s biggest surprise for 31-year-old Hannah Lindeman. Nature surely has its own ways of surprising people and gifting them.

Talking about the gift…  the precious baby landed in the arms of the lady almost a month earlier on Christmas day, it was definitely Santa’s gift. Hannah started her day with two beautiful daughters, who knew one more will also become a part of their lives on this Christmas.

Hannah was celebrating a birthday with her family in Chisago County when the contractions started to come really strong and frequent. Before they actually figured out that this wasn’t the false alarm and were actually contractions, she was rushed to the hospital rapidly.

As the contractions increased while they were still on their way, Hannah told her husband, Taylor Lindeman, to call 911, as she could feel her baby girl on her way.

The 911 dispatcher, Jake Prager, learned that Hannah was in labor, so he suggested the couple pull over, and he immediately sent paramedics and an ambulance to their way. The baby wasn’t born yet but the water broke.

He gave Taylor some instructions although Tylor wasn’t really fond of the sight, they had no other option. Prager guided Taylor to get all the things required during birth. Some towels or a blanket to wipe and clean the baby and keep her safe. Other than this a string or a lace was also required to tie the cord.

Taylor tried to stay calm and help Hannah as much as he could. The temperature outside was below zero which is obviously not good for a newborn. But Hannah didn’t lose hope, neither did Taylor. Even in a chilly weather like this Hannah gave birth to a healthy, warm and beautiful baby.

Everyone in the dispatcher room was waiting for a successful birth news impatiently. Hannah and Taylor’s baby was the fourth one Prager delivered as a dispatcher. He, along with his entire team, was really excited when he heard the news that Poppy was born safely.

Without Prager’s effort, this would not be possible said, Hannah and Taylor. Hannah was really thankful to have a baby as a greatest Christmas present.