Research: Playful Couples Are Stronger and Happier ⋆

Research: Playful Couples Are Stronger and Happier

How serious should you regard your partner? While it is important for respect to play a major role in relationships, it is essential to be friends. Couples who can troll each other online or joke about things find more ways to strengthen their bond. You can often find these types of couples laughing at each other on social media, restaurants, or at the park. One thing you will notice is that while they are seemingly trolling there is a strong indication of love and care in their communication.

Such happy people thrive on mutual respect which is developed by an in-depth understanding, trust, and commitment to their relationship.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are known for pulling pranks on each other

These couples understand each other so well. They know boundaries and respect them. This is how there is hardly an exchange or harsh or regrettable words between them.

What do these couples joke about that is so amusing? There are no set rules guiding this type of communication. It flows naturally between both people. It can either be about a post on social media, mistakes made while cooking or performing a task, or attempts made at impressing the other that turned out to be a disaster. These couples always find and choose humor over getting upset with their partners.

Different reputable behavioral studies have shown that couples who add humor to their communication are remarkably happier. These studies have been done over a period of thirty years so we can regard the findings as credible.

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Humor works best to improve the relationship between two people when it is created by both of them. This can be an explanation why one funny person in the relationship may not be able to bring the warmth and joy to the union. It always takes two people to make it work.

Being playful in a relationship is also a way to overcome insecurities. When a couple is free to express themselves without fear of being condemned, they are happier. Laughter is used to turn possibly sour situations into a joke thus avoiding negative confrontation.

Couples who find it easy to laugh together also have more success when dealing with stress. There are many issues that can cause couples to worry. For example, rising bills, disappointments at work, infertility, and financial problems can threaten any relationship. However, the couple’s ability to find ways to lighten the burden with humor goes a long way to prevent the stress during tough times.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski worked together on the set of a Quite Place

Things shouldn’t be taken too seriously. By worrying about situations, it is easy to start trading blames which ends up in a confrontation. Playful couples find it easier to discover logical solutions when they tease each other about their conditions rather than arguing.

The remedy to a happy relationship is finding ways to torment your partner with genuine humor. Please take advantage of opportunities such as their habits in the morning, or the night struggle for the blanket, spending habits and other preferences that can be joked about.

It should also be noted that humor can be misinterpreted. The tone of your voice matters while making a joke. Avoid sounding aggressive, so you do not cause the other person to feel apprehensive. It is also important to talk about issues of concern if there is something you do not like, speak with your partner.

Do some research; you will find out that many happy couples around you are always laughing at each other in a friendly way. This can be your experience too if you use the tips in this post.

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