Research: Parents & Sex After Babies ⋆

Research: Parents & Sex After Babies

The question of the effects of having kids on sex life has been up for a while! Well, as one would expect, having a baby changes the sex life of couples. No longer do you want to go about the house romancing, dressing sexy and all in the baby’s presence.

Apart from not wanting to affect your child’s upbringing, you literally will become busier than ever before, from going about your daily business to taking care of the child. The responsibilities can’t but increase exponentially.

Have you ever imagined what your love life be once you become a parent considering the responsibilities and all? As it would be for everyone, our expectations of what parenthood would look like as regards sex life and what it seems like are entirely different.

A poll was conducted in Britain by Help-Link as part of their Expectation Vs Reality campaign. The poll surveyed 2000 expectant parents and 2000 present parents. The survey reveals that what these people thought their love lives would be after having babies is quite different from reality.

Parents’ Expectations:

  • 92% expect to share the maintenance level of love with their partners after having babies.
  • 61% expect a good love life.
  • To-be parents expect to go out on dates at least three times in a month and have sex three times a week.

Contrary to all of these expectations, the survey revealed that:

  • About 1 in 5 parents do not have sex.
  • 31% do not feel the same love anymore.
  • About a thousand parents say date nights no longer work for them.
  • Rather than have sex, about 12% have their kids stay with them more than three times a week.
  • 24% are not satisfied with their sex life
  • 18% are no longer with the other parents
  • 19% can’t have a good sleep at night for more than four days due to their babies’ cries.
  • 56% now appreciate even just one date monthly as babysitting isn’t very easy.

It is safe then to conclude that your love life won’t be the same after having kids, no matter how hard you try. You seem to lose the bond along the way, and before you know it, the love is slipping off your hands. But rather than giving up on the love, we do recommend the very best solution – maintaining the connection.

While this sounds nice, we also must say it requires a lot of effort. Put in the conscious effort to remaining physically and emotionally attracted with your partners. The time won’t always be there for the lovey-dovey but once it comes, be sure never to let it slide.