Research: Men More Satisfied By Bromance ⋆

Research: Men More Satisfied By Bromance

Are you currently in a relationship with a man? Or even dating casually? Do you feel that your relationship is satisfying, that your connection is one you rely on and cherish?

Well, though your man may be as straight as a toothpick, you might wanna listen up to what we’ve just discovered in a recent study.

Hopefully, it’s not quite as shocking to you as it was for me to discover that, as a whole, young men get more emotional satisfaction out of friendships with other males than they do with their girlfriends.

The magazine Men and Masculinities set out to learn how much bromances were valued when compared to romantic relationships, so they performed a study.

They talked about conflict resolution, emotional disclosure, social fulfillment, and how comfortable men were with discussing any of these things with their girlfriend or wife and then with their best friend.

After interviewing 30 heterosexual males, the answer was clear that their bromances were much more stimulating and valuable to them.

Looks like we’re fighting a losing game, girls. Men simply relate more and feel more at ease with other men! I mean, just look at all the celebrity bromances like Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, Seth Rogen and James Franco, or Obama and Biden.

Those bonds are unshakeable. Where did we go wrong?

Healthy Relationships

It’s hard to even be mad about it! I mean, have you watched Jimmy and Justin together? Their outrageously hilarious and, at the same time, totally endearing!

Another magazine, Time, noted that the authors say the results of this study are actually quite positive – the fact that male friendships aren’t frowned upon. Unfortunately, however, they also see the danger it could impose on romantic relationships.

The type of men that were interviewed in this study were second-year college students who were either currently in a relationship or had been at some point in the past; they were all heterosexual.

What each man had in common was that everyone had a best friend – a male one – who they’d opened up to, shared a bed with at least once, or expressed a level of love to. These bromances were what they set out to compare romantic relationships to.

Honestly, their thoughts on the topic don’t come as a surprise. Sometimes we women can be high-maintenance and have high standards.

So, naturally, they said that they predominantly felt that conflicts were easier to overcome with other men, that they were less judged, and that they had greater ease in sharing dreams, emotions, and sensitive health issues with their male friends, as well.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? In general, we’re not easy to talk to, and we’re judgmental – or so these men say. How true is it?

One participant said:

“Lovers are temporary. A bromance can last a lifetime.”

Well, at least they were honest about it right? Definitely good to know where the guy is at with commitment before you go out on that blind date tonight.

I guess we can’t judge them all based on this study, though; that would, of course, be very judgmental of us, wouldn’t it?