Research: Men Attribute Winning to Being Attractive ⋆

Research: Men Attribute Winning to Being Attractive

Men are naturally competitive. It is said that many men can be motivated just by challenging them to win. If you asked men, who engaged in a regular workout if they felt attractive, many times the answer you will get is positive. The attraction these men feel is directly connected to their physical features which have been enhanced through exercise and endurance training.

Winning a tough challenge especially when the opponents were equally men of high repute in the field is another testosterone booster that makes men feel better about themselves. Interestingly, it has even been observed that when men win unfairly during competitions, they tend to feel more attractive regardless of the undeserved victory.

Many reports from different studies have shown that men feel more particular about their social status which is notably influenced by the state of their hormones. Men who perceive themselves as highly positioned in the social scene regard others in similar positions as competition or mates.

While it has been proven that the testosterone levels in men rise when they win during physical or intellectual competitions, it is not yet certain whether the changes in the state of their hormones is due to the victory they have just experienced, or it is just a state of mind they have been psyched to believe and accept. It will be interesting to measure the impact of a loss on testosterone levels in men to find more discoveries about this phenomenon.

An experiment was done at the University of Cambridge to examine this issue. The coordinators of this experiment were biological anthropologists who put together a sample of 38 heterosexual participants from the UK to compete in a rowing exercise. The athletes were provided rowing machines, and after the tough competition, a winner was to be announced. As a part of the experiment, the winner would be chosen based on a random selection rather than how well they had performed during the experiment.

Before the competition, the participants were handed questionnaires aimed at collecting information about their self-esteem, whether they felt attractive and their confidence levels while interacting with the opposite sex. Samples of their saliva were also taken to determine their hormonal levels before the competition.

At the end of the competition samples of saliva were taken again from the participants and it was discovered that the team that believed they had won the event due to their performance had higher levels of testosterone that the team that believed they had lost. The latter team accepted defeat, and their signs remained the same with no significant increase in their testosterone or changes when they interacted with women.

The men who had thought they had won based on their superior performance were observed to be more confident and had higher self-esteem and felt more confident in approaching women.

These results indicated that the level of testosterone in men might change depending on their feelings. Since it could be influenced by short-term experiences such as winning a competition, an explanation is proposed for the reason men feel more attractive when they perceive themselves as superior in some way.

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