Remake Idea of The Princess Bride Has Fans Up In Arms ⋆

Remake Idea of The Princess Bride Has Fans Up In Arms

Since Tony Vinciquerra, chief executive at Sony Picture Entertainment, suggested the idea of remaking The Princess Bride in a profile of the film’s executive producer, Norman Lear, fans have been up in arms.

Cary Elwes who played the hero Westley in the film believes it would be a real shame to remake this perfectly-filmed comedy from 1987.  Paraphrasing, he said there is an incredible shortage of great films so it would be a shame to damage a film that is great.

Friends and Family Pitch In

Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of film legend Janet Leigh, is married to actor Christopher Guest from The Princess Bride film and has her own input about this.  She and Christopher have been together for 35 years and there is only One The Princess Bride and that’s William Goldman.  There’s enough pain going around and anyone who thinks differently is only in it to sell something.

Rumors had it that Seth Rogen was behind the remake but he has clearly denied it and aid he would never be involved.  He tweeted “I would never dare”.

Many fans are standing behind not having a remake of this film and are outraged that anyone would think of doing this or even suggesting the film should be remade.