Recreated Childhood Photos That Prove Some Things Never Change ⋆

Recreated Childhood Photos That Prove Some Things Never Change

What happens when you pull out old childhood photographs and begin to reminisce? For these people, it means – recreation time! Some of these people grew up from being an awkward kid into an equally awkward adult. Either way, the results are hilarious! See for yourself.

Man’s Best Friend

This is one of our favorite photos on this list because who doesn’t love a big cuddly puppy who turns into a big cuddly dog?! This photo warms our hearts because not everyone has siblings… but recreating a childhood photo with man’s best friend is just as awesome.

It also goes to show how important our furry friends are to us and how they can help shape us as we grow up together. These next brothers have been attached at the hip since they were little, but there is one difference these days…

New Age Same Me

Some things never change. We wonder if this has been his look his whole life or if he really did recreate this? Finding the same outfit was probably the easiest part of this. His hair has gotten a little better and his teeth are clearly more presentable.

However, that smile is still there! You don’t have to take a second look to know this guy is the same kid in the photo to the left. Also, did he keep that same tie all these years? Finding specific ties is often a tough task.