This Puppy’s Story Will Make You Believe In Humanity Again ⋆

This Puppy’s Story Will Make You Believe In Humanity Again

Everyone loves to play with a dog that’s healthy, has lots of fur and a cute smile. Appearance makes animals attractive. However, recently there has been a puppy which is trending all over the internet. His eye is missing yet he is receiving a lot of love from around the world.

This little puppy named Frodo was found alone on the streets. His eye is sick and unfunctional, he didn’t have much fur and he looked sick. Frodo was lucky as a couple passing by saw him and decided to rescue the little puppy. They reached out to the animal veteran Klaudija Sigurnjak.

This is how Frodo looked when he was found. Eventually, Sigurnjak won his trust with food and went on to treat his problems. She said, “I was stunned. I could hardly believe it was really a dog, I immediately set about rescuing him.”


One of the Frodo’s eye was damaged, it was infected with fleas, ticks. Sigurnjak wasn’t sure if she would be able to save Frodo or not, but Frodo was one tough little pup. Eventually, with extensive care, his skin returned to normal, and his fur grew bakc. Frodo actually started looking like a puppy now. “His transformation was phenomenal, we never dreamt that he would be so beautiful”, said the life saver.

Frodo can be seen happy and enjoying life to the fullest, he has recovered and has left all pain behind him. His days of happiness have started.

Frodo’s photos and story was posted on social media and they caught the eye of the young couple. They were thrilled to see him and wanted to adopt him immediately. “We didn’t know what we’ll get with Frodo but we knew we had to take him,” said the couple.

After all the hardships, Frodo has a family of his own now. He is a happy and contented dog now. He loves spending his time running.


The story of Frodo is heartbreaking and inspiring. With the right kind of help, everything will fall into place. Humanity is seen at its finest in saving Frodo’s life.


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