Preparing for a Binge Night With Family & Friends ⋆

Preparing for a Binge Night With Family & Friends

We have provided some great tips and ideas that are cheap and easy to do for setting up your Binge Night, allowing everyone to have a great time watching movies.

The Fall and Winter seasons are upon us as we prepare to spend time indoors watching movies with family and friends.  Decorate your home for the holidays, especially the room where you will be watching movies and entertaining.

After decorating, it’s time to prepare for the big night.  Make sure you have all your essentials, including the remote control, drinks, and plenty of snacks for everyone!

Prepare Your Seating Arrangement & Grab Plenty Of Pillows & Blankets

You want to be sure everyone will have a great seat to view the movies, so move furniture around where needed.  If you have a sectional sofa, you can split it up so everyone will have a great view or bring in over-stuffed chairs and even an inflatable couch.

Another thought, if you don’t have a sectional or space for one, consider using a few ottomans that have hidden storage for the blankets and pillows until they are needed. Don’t overdo it with accessories such as blankets and pillows, they will quickly take up too much space and look a little chaotic.

If ottomans are out of the question, purchase some baskets that are perfect for storing these items until someone needs them.

Have A Convenient Storage Spot For The Remote

The last thing you want to deal with is not being able to locate the remote to turn up or turn down the volume of the television.  There are inexpensive, very convenient storage baskets that work perfectly.

You can just place it on a coffee table or an end table. You will always know exactly where the remote is and not disturb your friends while you try and find it.

Have A Few Snack Tables

Your goal is to create an environment that is cozy and comfortable for everyone.

Snack tables can be placed next to the couch for easy access to snacks and drinks.  Make sure your tables are small so they don’t take up too much room but are very convenient.

Test The Seating Arrangement

Before everyone shows up, sit in each location to ensure it’s comfortable and easy for people to watch the movies. Turn on the television and watch something for about 15 to 30 minutes.  If your back or neck starts hurting, readjust the seat’s angle for as much comfort as possible.

While sitting in the various seats, if you notice your plants and other items are blocking the view, you should move them out of the way for the night.

Don’t Forget The Air Freshener

You, your family, and/or your friends are going to spend a good amount of time in this room.  Make sure you have air fresheners to keep the air from becoming stale or smelly.  You might want to pick up an aromatherapy diffuser that will continue to keep the air clean and fresh.  Pick your favorite fragrance, set it up, and you are done!

Now get ready for a weekend of fun and great entertainment!