Can You Recognize These Oscar films?

Whenever you’re looking for a way to kill time, watching a movie is usually number 1 on the list. But with so many films available, it is easy to land up watching trash. That’s why when I want to choose something to kill the time, I make sure it was at least nominated for some kind of award.

We know the cream of the crop are the Oscar winners, year after year the movies that make us cry the most, laugh the hardest, or walk away with a new mindset get nominated and win this award. Let’s see just how much of a movie buff you are naming these Oscar-winning movies throughout the years.

Let’s begin (with an easy one)

From which famous 80’s film did this photo come from?

Holding the record for the highest-grossing film for eleven years straight, this film is a timeless story of friendship and childhood. It also featured baby Drew Barrymore who couldn’t be cuter!

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

That’s right, who can forget that the iconic bicycle in front of the moon scene is from none other than E.T.! the movie that brought aliens back to fashion and remains close to the heart of adults and children over the generations, E.T proved that when it comes to movies, no one can do it like Spielberg can.

Go on.. test your memory

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