The Most Pre-Mature Baby Born the Size of a Coke Can

We all know that every child born on the day of Christmas is special but today the story we are about to tell you will leave you in tears because this one is no less than a miracle.

Robin from Missouri was pregnant with a baby girl and the couple was excited because they desperately wanted a daughter. It wasn’t the first time that they were expecting a baby and they already had a beautiful two-year-old boy Elijah, but the excitement and joy of a baby girl was exceptional. Well, the expected delivery time of Ellie (the baby girl) was November 1st, but she was born 4 months earlier than her due date.

Ellie was delivered pre-mature in the mid of June and she was only 21 weeks old, also her weight was 13.06 oz (370 grams) and she was just the size of a coke can.

Yes, you read it right, a baby who was as small as a coke can, actually survived, and made it home for Christmas. Robin and Joel, who is a 29-years-old professional photographer, are very thankful for such an amazing Christmas gift and they said that this occasion couldn’t have been any better than this.

You might be wondering why the baby got delivered just after 21 weeks, well there is a story behind it too. Actually Robin had a very normal labor when Elijah was born but while examining Robin when she was pregnant with Ellie, doctors noticed something weird and worrying. Robin’s cervix was getting shorter and shorter and it became about 10th of the length of a normal cervix. In this case, the cervix opens up way to early than expected and without any pains or contractions the baby comes out.

This exact thing happened with Robin that her cervix was getting short with time and while she was being examined, her water broke which resulted in the pre-mature delivery of Ellie.

The doctors tried their best to delay the process but that would have somehow risked the life of the baby and the pregnancy would have been terminated.

However, the good news is that Ellie is now home and she is getting stronger and maturer with the passage of time. She does have some chronic lung disease as the lungs are not fully developed yet, but she will be just fine.

She is now growing on a faster pace which is normal and the only thing that Robin and Joel have to be careful about is that Ellie shouldn’t be exposed to any sort of cough or other viral infections but on the whole, a little care can give her a normal life.

Her parents are actually very happy that she is now home and they just can’t express their feelings because this has made them stronger together and they are also very thankful to the hospital and doctors for being there with them during this roller coaster ride.

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