Police Officer Helps a Young Boy Over His Fear of Monsters ⋆

Police Officer Helps a Young Boy Over His Fear of Monsters

Hayden Williams is a 6-year-old boy who moved into his new home in Eldridge, Iowa but was too frightened to sleep in his new bedroom. Amanda, Hayden’s mother tried everything to convince her son that he was safe but he just did not believe it.  When Amanda reached out for help, Officer Bruce Schwartz of the Eldridge Police Dept. was there for her.

He did a complete walkthrough of the home and Hayden’s bedroom in 2019.  He let Hayden know there were no “bad guys” hiding in his bedroom and finally the young boy was able to sleep!

Not only Amanda, but viewers on the internet were absolutely surprised by the officer’s kind act to help Hayden realize he was perfectly safe and there were no monsters after him.

Children Come With Wild Imaginations

It can be a real challenge for a child who has a wild imagination to get a good night’s sleep and not be afraid. Hayden had always shared a bedroom with his older brother but became very nervous about moving and having his own bedroom.


He told his mother about the fears he was experiencing. Amanda Williams said her son believes in bad guys and other things that seem to be real to him.

Unfortunately, Hayden had accidentally seen some clips of horror film trailers and was convinced they were real.  Once his mother discovered what set him off and what frightened him, she tried everything she could to help him.

Amanda is a makeup artist so she figured she would show her son how actors are turned into monsters by makeup artists. She did all she could to show him that monsters are not real.  Hayden still seemed upset and unable to sleep due to his level of anxiety and wild imagination.

Amanda tried to bring in other elements to calm her son down.  She plugged in a night light, brought his dog into the bedroom to sleep with him, and even gave him a weighted blanket.  All to no avail!

She was really worried so she decided to go to the police department to see if they could do anything. She was worried they would just laugh at her but was pleasantly surprised.   She said she had always taught her children that police and doctors are there to help, not harm.

Officer Bruce Schwarz was willing to privately sit down with the family to talk about Hayden’s fears about monsters. Hayden asked Officer Schwarz if he could come over to his home and look around for lurking monsters.

His mother said Officer Schwartz was so kind and empathetic toward Hayden’s fears. Schwartz agreed to come over to their home and check out all the spaces that scared him.

All Clear!

Once Schwarz showed the young boy there was nothing in his bedroom or in the house that would harm him, Hayden felt more comfortable.  Officer Schwarz told Hayden that he too had scary thoughts every now and then but there is a solution.


He told Hayden to think about positive things and happy thoughts, it would make the scary stuff go away.  He told the boy that he liked to think about being a cowboy riding horses.  Hayden told Schwartz that he also wanted to be a cowboy!. Schwartz told Hayden and his family they could always call on the police if they needed anything!

Amanda just had to share her heartwarming experience about the Eldridge Police Department on Facebook.  Her story went wild, receiving over 5.6K likes, 277 comments, and 297 shares on Fox News’ Facebook page!

A friend of Amanda, Julie Delgado, said that was a beautiful story and that she knows Hayden’s mom who is an amazing parent who loves her kids. Another Facebook user said she remembered when her daughter had a similar experience.  She thought someone was hiding in the attack space.

Eldridge is known for its wonderful reputation of being a safe place to raise a family and very low on crime.  When a parent is in need, their police department is there to help out!