Celebrity Photobombs and Other Funny Backgrounds ⋆

Celebrity Photobombs and Other Funny Backgrounds

Photos can capture a given moment and preserve an image forever!  Just when you think you have just gotten a perfect picture for a wedding or just looking for a really nice shot, leave it to family and friends to step in and add a touch of humor. Pulling harmless stunts on our friends or family can be a lot of fun and there are few as funny as the following photobombs!

The fine art of inserting yourself into someone else’s photo moment at the most inconvenient time can either ruin the shot or make the picture even funnier.  You can either jump in front of the camera or strategically place yourself in the background.  You’d be surprised how hilarious the moment can become and everyone will enjoy it and have a good laugh!

That said, there are times when the captured shot is somewhat embarrassing or so totally unexpected, there’s nothing you can do about it. Even though some shots have someone making a funny face or posing in an embarrassing moment, mostly, we are talking about crazy things that you accidentally capture in the background of your otherwise glorious but otherwise boring shot while on vacation or just your own selfie.

Great Backgrounds and Photobombs

Sometimes, something going on in the background is not immediately picked up.  You might look at the photo for a few minutes until you all of a sudden see something really quirky going on behind you!  Once you pick up that funny moment, the photo will never be the same again!

In this day and age, all you need to do is grab your phone and take a picture.  There are millions of people taking selfies every day and in many different places around the world.  Photos are being taken in cars, bathrooms, kitchens, or even in front of a breathtaking view.  The sky’s the limit!

Because there are unlimited backgrounds to capture in a selfie, just about anything can go wrong.  Not wrong in a bad sense, but in something really funny that will alter the overall shot forever!  Just as you push that button, your dog decides to get in on the act doing something really funny or a family member decides to jump doing something crazy.  In many cases, these average photos just turned into something so much better!

Here are our favorite photos where the background steals the scene: