Best 'You Had One Job' Moments ⋆

Best ‘You Had One Job’ Moments

While we enjoy a nice, heartwarming tale of overcoming the odds, we also enjoy a good deep laugh. Join us on a fun trip down Oops Lane…

Go Big Or Go Home

Here we have a dedicated cheerleader just doing her job, rallying for airline pilots and astronauts as they fly over heads down. Seems legit.

We think that OG is much stronger than a simple GO. Why be like everyone else?!  We have to give her credit, she is persistent.  Og, Meat!

We Came Here To “Slae

We love a good SLAE, same as anyone else.  What makes this so sad is that the letters are so brightly colored and bold.

We picture the salesperson standing by her finished windows and looking so proud of herself.  Should we tell her?  Nah, let her enjoy her handiwork.

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