People Broke the Rules for These 10 Forbidden Snapshots

While ‘Living in the moment’ is certainly something to aspire to, we all know that when we find ourselves facing a beautiful sight, our very first instinct is to snap that perfect pic. But sometimes, the most picture-perfect places have a strict ‘no photography’ policy. This list counts down 10 forbidden snapshots where people broke the rules to capture that perfect shot.

The United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

This presidential palace means business when they say ‘no photographs’. In fact, an American architect was arrested for snapping a shot.

Egyptian Tomb


Known as ‘the Valley of the Kings, if you’re touring Egypt these famous pyramids and tombs are the first place you’ll visit. Although here to photography is against the aw, people still sneak snaps, check it out!

Westminster Abbey

Westminster abbey

This church, iconic in English history, is one of the most famous religious buildings. No wonder then that its preservation is critical and photography is a strict no-no.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

The rule against photography is so strict here, we don’t even have one sample from a sneaky visitor! Although this famous Indian memorial is a first stop for tourists, only pictures of the gorgeous outside exterior are published.

The Library of Congress

library of congress

This library is one of the largest, boasting 70,000 volumes! Bookworms who visit Washington will be in story heaven but best leave cameras behind because here too, no photos are allowed.

The Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels

In the tower of London, sits these gems that have belonged to the English monarch since the 14th century. They are not only guarded heavily against theft, but against flashes too!

30 Rock Studio

30 rock studio

With a strict “no camera policy” the only way you will ever see the inside of the 30 Rock Studio in New York is by watching an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Vladimir Lenin’s Mausoleum

Vladimir Lenin’s Mausoleum

Although photography in Moscow’s Red Square is permitted, and tourists snap there from morning till night, when it comes to the actual Tomb of Lenin, photography is strictly off-limits, and nobody wants to test these Russian guards.

The Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

Found in the heart of Italy’s Vatican City, this church is known far and wide. And while photography here too is absolutely forbidden, it doesn’t stop tourists taking sneaky selfies!

Golden Gai

Golden Gai

The only neighborhood on the list, Golden Gai located in Tokyo is known for its tiny bars and restaurants. Although they do not allow photography on the streets officially, this law is no longer as strict and it is probably only a bygone law from the days of rampant prostitution.

There you have it, a sneaky preview into the world of the unsnapped!