Overnight Stay Hacks To Keep It Cheap And Easy ⋆

Overnight Stay Hacks To Keep It Cheap And Easy

When you get into a hotel room, nothing feels worse than being slapped in the face with that warm, stale air that has been circulated around for hours. It’s enough to make you gag. Add in the paper-thin walls, the creaking floor and the wood-hard bed, and you can soon begin to regret the decision that you have made.

It’s for this reason that we recommend you consider the following hotel hacks to make sure you can have a more splendid stay, no matter the starting quality of the room.

Make Your Own Toothbrush Holder

Even though every room is thoroughly cleaned between guests, you can never be too careful. If you get creeped out by the thought of you toothbrush just laying by the sink, bring a clothespin with you on your next trip. Just clamp it on the handle of your toothbrush and use the bottom of the pin and your brush to prop it up.

Dish delivery

Are you turning up to a hotel room and wanting to make sure you have some dishes to use when you eat? Then have some dishes delivered instead of relying on good luck to avoid staining the whole room with your food. Simply call down to the front desk and ask for some dishes to be delivered: you would need to be in a suitably awful location for them to deny you some fresh dishes!

Shutting up next door

Is the room across or next to you just a touch too loud? Do you want to avoid having to confront them? Them just get a towel and put it out and around the foot of the dear. This will help to cut out the noise which is bleeding through the door, and will also make sure that you can avoid any hall lights or outdoor lighting coming through the gap at the bottom of the door is no longer going to keep you lying awake at night.

Eating easy

If you want to eat without having to spend a fortune on the hotel food, then invest in some easy to cook stuff like oatmeal, soup and ramen noodles. You can easily make these using the coffee pot provided in just about any modern hotel room.

Just fill it with boiling water and eat your food from that. It’s student-y as hell, but it will make sure that you aren’t having to waste all of your travel money on expensive foods throughout your trip.

DIY Humidifier

Lastly, we recommend that you combat the aforementioned stale air with a dehumidifier. It will probably be annoying to bring one with you and carry it around but there is an easy solution.

If you don’t have one, then try doing this with the air conditioning in the room. Simply take a towel, get it nice and damp using warm water and then place it in front the AC unit: this will cool the moisture on the towel and then use that moisture to make the rest of the room feel more hospitable.

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