Oregon Woman Sheds 400 Pound in Life-changing Turnaround

The diet of the modern person is, to be honest, quite grim. Excessive over-eating and enjoyment of processed garbage and who knows what has become a national habit in many first-world nations. While others starve in developing nations, the ‘big’ countries seem to enjoy diets that are killing the population. Morbid obesity is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down – the story of Amber Rachdi, though, shows that the fight against obesity is possible.

Amber was 660 pounds, and managed to turn it all around. After all, if the weight was put on in the first place, it can be taken back off. Whether you are overweight personally, or if you know someone who finds it hard to believe they could lose weight if they need to, show them this story. It’s incredible.

Rachdi took part in a TV show on TLC called My 600lb Life. On the show, it’s discovered that at aged 5 she was 160 pounds. At her heaviest weight, a mere few steps would be enough to make her stop in pain. Already anxious and depressed, this spiral led Amber to leaving college and become housebound. Turning to food for support, it eventually became a crutch – one, she admits, turned her into something she disliked.

She gained large amounts of weight in her legs, and quickly struggled with getting around. Telling the TLC program that she “didn’t like being this person,” Amber decided something had change – but simply believed it wasn’t possible

“Everything hurts,” she explains to TLC. “My back hurts, my shins hurt. I am so limited in what I can do and where I can go.”

In 2014, Amber underwent a gastric bypass – despite her doctor pointing out that she was surrounded in her life by “enablers” and has little hope in the surgery being a success. Before she could undertake the treatment, she was told to lose 20 pounds in weight herself to show a commitment to change. Determined to make it right, Amber got that 20 pounds off and she moved to Houston with her family, and the surgery was carried out.

After seven months, she’d lost 90 pounds and had become far healthier in terms of diet and exercise. Today, her Instagram is testament to someone who has made exceptional, continued and consistent progress. An excellent makeup artist, she now shows off her skills on Instagram.

“Now, I live with purpose while losing weight!” Rachdi exclaims.

At the time of writing, she had lost an unbelievable 400 pounds!

Her Instagram is a constant update of where she went post-surgery, and how even the most excessive weight gain can be overcome. Amber overcame a personal, lifelong Everest and changed her life. She should be an example to all that change is possible!

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