One Guy Helps 70 Homeless People Get Rooms In Storm ⋆

One Guy Helps 70 Homeless People Get Rooms In Storm

Known for its challenging weather conditions, the ‘Windy City’ of Chicago can be a hard place to live in. For those living without a home, though, the city can feel like a deeply cruel and unforgiving place.

The homeless populace of Chicago was particularly put in the spotlight recently, with low temperatures making it hard for those without anything to survive. So, step forward one of the nicest anonymous donations I’ve ever seen.

70 homeless people were put up in a shelter for the evening by a particularly outstanding individual. Having previously kept warm with donated old propane tanks to help keep the heat up somehow, a disaster – with one of the tanks exploding – seen Fire Department Chief, Walter Schroder, ask the homeless people to stop using the propane tanks in this way.

The Salvation Army stepped in to try and get the group into a warming center – but then they got an amazing call, with some tremendous news.

Someone decided to put up for all 70 of the homeless people to get a night in a hotel, with a bill for the whole week, footing the entire bill. This gave them all some time to get out of the snow, enjoy a better quality of life and then work out what their next move would be without any of the usual pressure associated with being homeless.

Speaking about that was Salvation Army spokeswoman, Jacqueline Rachev, who told the Chicago Tribune: “We think it’s wonderful that there’s somebody out there that has decided to be so kind to provide a warm place and a safe place for these folks to go,

“We’re thrilled they’re safe and warm at least for a few days.”

Incredible Generosity

Apparently, just one of the 70 decided to reject the offer, and instead headed to the warming center with the rest of the Salvation Army. All other 69 members all managed to enjoy a nice, warm week spent in the comfort of a hotel.

This could literally have helped to save some lives: the deep drop in temperature would have meant that many of the poor homeless would have been risking their lives to stay out in the streets for any longer. As such, this amazing act might just have given each of these people a new lease of life – and a new opportunity to make something of themselves.

With around 80,000 homeless people living within the Chicago area, hopefully this good news story will convince others to try and do something for those with so little. Many homeless people find it tough to find permanent shelter or safety, but acts like this might hopefully put the massive issue of homelessness back on the tip of peoples tongues.

The more that can be done to try and stop people from suffering in this manner, the better. It might be a hard thing to solve, but heroic acts like this one might just work towards eventually creating a safer solution for those who just need a little support.