One Boy’s Donation Saves His Friend’s Self Esteem

The moment a ten year old boy decides to do something so selfless, we become more than inspired to give our hearts to others and do a random act of kindness. Ten year old Tyler Boone decided to go outside of the box and grow his hair out for his friend Gabby Ruiz, who struggles with a skin disease called Alopecia Areta which causes hair loss quickly. Unfortunately, this struggle affects millions in the world, and effects the self-esteem of those suffering. Tyler decided to grow his hair out for two years and donate it to Gabby so that she could have a head of hair to go with her beautiful bravery.

The story behind the impeccable friendship between the two goes even further to inspire us inspiration junkies. The two met at a family even two years ago, and Tyler noticed that Gabby had no hair. After finding out that it was very likely she would not grow hair, he decided to invest in the better use of his hair follicles. So, for two years, Tyler knew that his growing hair would ultimately be placed on Gabby’s head, giving her much strength and esteem in a world that simply does not understand.

In terms of being shy and reserved due this trauma, Emelia described her daughter’s experience as an isolated one.

“She was quiet as it was, but I think the looks and the stares made her a little bit more shy and to herself. She felt different. It takes her a while to open up, so that definitely plays a big part of it.”


One takeway from this story is that children truly think outside of the conventional ways of helping one another. Obviously, coin donations are truly a big factor in support, especially for the organization behind helping those affected. Tyler donated his hair to Children With Hair Loss which gave the hair to Gabby in the form of a wig. Ultimately he succeeded in making one world much more brighter.

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