On TV: Spark A Little More Joy In Your Life ⋆

On TV: Spark A Little More Joy In Your Life

Marie Kondo has gone from organizational guru and niche author to a viral sensation, and it’s all thanks to a brand new Netflix series. After binge-watching this hot new series, households everywhere had been moved to get rid of all the clutter in their lives.

The tips Marie gave have shown people that there is a way out of the chaos and that they don’t need to live in the mess.

Sparking The Joy

Long before Marie started her show, her mantra was “Does it spark joy?” And this phrase is also a very important part of her show. Viewers were told to ask this question of every piece of clutter in their homes.

Results showed that this phrase helped the most when it came to items like nostalgic trinkets that were difficult to throw away.

Eliminating Visual Info

Upon first glance, decanting dishwashing liquid and hand soap into different, more attractive containers may seem pointless, but one philosophy Marie Kondo has for tidying up life, is based around eliminating what she calls “visual noise.”

Product logos and colorful brand names shouting out from shelves disrupts tidiness and peace.

Standing Up

One of the most helpful tips Marie Kondo gives involves standing up to put your clothes in drawers after folding them neatly. In comparison, Kondo’s method takes up a lot less space.

This method also eliminates the need to sift through piles of disorganized clothes in search of a specific item because every item becomes visible, not hidden underneath another top or pair of pants.

Putting The Cart Before The Horse

Marie Kondo advises the viewers of her TV show to wait until they are done tidying and de-cluttering before they buy storage containers. This way, they can tell exactly what kind, and how many containers they actually need.

If not, they would just be buying more clutter and satisfying themselves with the thought that maybe at some point they may get some organizing done.

Dumping The Storage

Marie was never a fan of storage containers anyway because they don’t take care of the root problem. Clutter doesn’t need to be stored neatly, it needs to be thrown out. Storage containers only left people with piles of bins containing things they neither used nor needed.