OMG: A New Friends Conspiracy Theory is Outrageous ⋆

OMG: A New Friends Conspiracy Theory is Outrageous

It’s mad to think that well past a decade of the show finishing that people are still talking about Friends. Love it or hate it, it’s one of those shows that set the tone for the TV industry. While there’s plenty of fair criticism of the show out there, one aspect of Friends that is always interesting is the fan theories.

Friends fans, you see, have reached the point where they are discussing decade-plus old storylines to try and find some kind of hidden meaning.

This is like when people used to play Nirvana songs backward for ‘hidden meanings’ – it’s insane. That being said, even as a self-confessed non-fan of the series this theory is quite nuts. It all started with one innocent sentence that Emily Heller, a comedian, wrote on Saturday.

It already caused a bit of a stir, as you may have noticed if you are part of the weird corner of the internet dedicated to Friends.

You can see her tweet here to see what all the fuss is about:

Basically, they claim that all of the friends would have went with Carol when Ross gets divorced because ‘all of the friends’ would have ditched the paleontologist for his ex. It’s one of those claims that just feels like another dig at Ross, who everyone seems to hate.

I personally found him the funniest; there’s something almost outrageous about his entire personality. I’d love to someone like him in real life, purely because I’ve met many a cheap knock-off version of each of the other characters. In all my days, though, I’ve never met a good ‘copy’ of Ross; so I think he maybe holds a sense of enchantment to me for that reason.

The claim is basically that, without Monica, Ross wold never have made friends with Phoebe, her then roommate. If he and Chandler, his then college mate, had fell out, he would never have been close enough with Joey. When you look at it, though, it does have a point; there’s absolutely no way on earth that someone like Ross would hang out with two people like Joey and Phoebe.

This would also mean that if Ross was not Monica’ brother, then he wouldn’t have met Rachel on her fated wedding day that all went wrong. While most people agreed with the idea, others were quite defensive on everyone’ favorite weirdo.

Off course this is probably what Ross would say if he heard this theory :

Where the theory falls down for me is the concept of why they would have chosen Carol. At no point in the show is it made out like she is good mates with everyone else, and the fact she was messing around would (you would hope) have put the others off her.

It’s just one of those daft Friends theories that you come across, but it’s wonderful, in a way, to see a TV show for a previous generation still generate so much debate. I still stand by the fact that Ross makes, rather than breaks the show. Try and treat like him an Alan Partridge type character, and he instantly becomes much funnier than if you try take him at face value.

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