Old Photos Discovered Really Cool Parents! Part 2 ⋆

Old Photos Discovered Really Cool Parents! Part 2

More old photos that prove just how cool your own parents were!

Mom The Vet And Her Very Special Child!


Digging through that chest in the attic, someone ran into this wonderful photo of grandma who loved lions!  Here is grandma, the child is his father, and their special friend is a lion cub!  So, how did they become the great caretakers to this ever too adorable baby lion cub?

 It seems she was a very wonderful veterinarian during a time when women vets were very rare in 1959.  Not only was this an exciting experience for the very young dad but having the opportunity to care for this furry little guy!

This little cub was a great addition to the family for a short time.  What a really amazing experience for the entire family!

Let’s Hear It For Superhero Mom!


Back in the days, mom was in the military performing many difficult duties.  I can’t imagine trying to look great while loaded down in heavy military gear.  Under a blazing hot sun, you would have to be exhausted, covered in layers of dirt, running on little to no fuel, but managing to capture a really great shot!

Now that’s what I call a Superhero Mom!

 When this photo was taken in 1984, mom was in the Israeli military as a tank instructor.  Not only was she more than capable maneuvering this massive tank during her years in service but had the skills and knowledge to train soldiers to be the best they could be!  I bet she ran her home pretty much the same way in tip-top condition!

A Nuclear Submarine For A Vacation Spot???


Family and friends always have their favorite vacation spots but what the heck is this all about?  Is this taking a break from operating the submarine?  I’ll bet most people will never have a photo of their dad enjoying rest and relaxation on a submarine!

It looks like dad is waving is saying “wish you were here”?  This photo gives a whole new meaning to aquatic fun!

 Spending a long time on a submarine is not for everyone.  It’s really easy to develop claustrophobia and realizing there is no getting out.  Such tight quarters would take everyone having the right mindset to get along because you are right on top of each other.

This dad took full advantage of the moment posing for this photo on his submarine turned into a diving board!

Military Hero Dad


As kids, I think most of us thought our parents were the coolest heroes in the entire world.  If your dad served in the military, that’s awesome!  This little guy looking up at dad with an incredible look in his eyes that loudly said “My Hero!”

 This man remembered when he was that small boy whose dad was serving in the United States Air Force.  He also said dad was even cooler because he had the distinguished honor to serve as a fighter pilot!

As a small child, not only was he incredibly adorable but had his very own bomber jacket!  This photo has captured a lot of love and a very special bond!

Mom Is On A Mission!


In this day and age, there are many women in the military performing the same requirements and mission as men.  Not that long ago, women in the military were practically unheard of.  Running across this old photograph of mom as an Air Force pilot is indeed an awesome shot.

This photo captures a woman who shows great confidence and probably didn’t take any lip from anyone.  I’ll bet when at the dinner table, you’d eat all your veggies – no arguments!  Back in 1980, she accumulated thousands of flying hours in a helicopter for the United States military.

What kid wouldn’t be proud as heck to call this woman mom?