Science: Don’t Touch Your Nose, It’s Your Phone!

The selfie game is too strong these days. Wherever you go, in every direction you look, you will see someone holding a mobile phone taking a selfie. This has become so popular that most people have forgotten their real self-image and relay on what the selfie shows.

People are too conscious about how their facial features look on selfies. This goes to an extent that it is reported by the American Academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, that people have visited plastic surgeons to fix their nose as it appears big in the selfies.

A medical aid at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School reported that people show the doctors their phones and say Look at this picture, look how big my nose looks.

To help explain this phenomenon, a team of researchers created a model of the human head. The team investigated the 3d modeled head by taking its selfies from different angles and distances such as, 12 inches away and 5 feet away like a regular portrait.

The findings of the study were published in the journal “JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery” that said that the more camera is close to the face, the more the nose will look distorted. The statistics showed that close-ups made men’s nose 30% wider and women’s 29% wider.

It was also explained that most smartphones have a feature called “wide-angle selfie.” These make the objects look closer to the camera and hence distorted. The team said, “It’s kind of one of the basics of photography: don’t shoot portraits on a wide-angle lens because you will look terrible”.

Selfies should be taken from as far as possible. “Theoretically, people with longer arms can take a more flattering selfie than people with shorter arms”. The selfie stick can help you take selfies from further away and make your nose appear as it is.

Plastic surgery is a painful and expensive process so it is not a desirable method to make your nose look smaller. There were more ideas given as well, such as ask a friend to take your photograph, take a portrait instead of a selfie and once the photograph is taken you can Photoshop it.

The researchers hope that this study will create awareness among people and that they will not base their real looks on a selfie.


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