No Dogs On The Subway? See Most Creative Owners ⋆

No Dogs On The Subway? See Most Creative Owners

The subway system in New York City is an essential part of the way residents travel around the area. Although the subway isn’t perfect it is still probably the cheapest, easiest and quickest form of transportation out there, better even than taking a taxi or sharing a car.

This is the Subway

The New York City subway is the busiest system in the entire US and has over 400 stations covering the whole city. Many New Yorkers depend on the subway as their means of transport throughout their day.

It can be pretty crowded

The subway system carries over a billion people every year. It is the most popular form of transport in NYC and sometimes, as you can imagine, it can get a little tense with people squished one against the other.
The NYC Subway decided to bring in a new rule meaning that dogs could not travel on the system unless they could fit in a passenger’s bag. Pet owners decided to take matters into their own hands, but instead of protesting or ignoring the rule they realized that as NYC Subway had not made any extra specification – like the size of bag or dog – they could just go ahead and follow the rule. The results were some inspirational means of carrying their dogs.

With so many people in and out of its trains every day, the subway is not always the cleanest place in the world. It gets dirty, which is pretty understandable. Not everyone remembers that trash belongs on the trash cans on not the subway floor.

Recently, the NYC Subway came up with a new rule, one most subway goers were NOT too pleased with, a dog ban. The actual wording of NYC Subway’s dog ban: “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.

The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), is anti-dog, and we know that. In the latest incident, they have shown this to be true. Ok, at the end of the day they apologized, but still, it shows what human hate of animals can resort to.

A woman named Jen was on a subway and saw an unleashed, un-bagged dog, which, as we know, is not allowed. She tweeted in defiance to MTA law that there is a free dog onboard!
Unfortunately, the MTA thought it was a complaint and tweeted back in response: “Hi, Jen. Sorry for the late response. If you do see a dog on board, please alert 911 or the nearest train crew member. Thanks again for the report.”

Let’s try and imagine that situation: “Excuse me 911, there’s a dog on the train… No, it’s just sitting quietly and being all cute and stuff. Could you please send someone?”
What would the dispatch operator think? Would she send someone? Because the MTA said it was illegal to have a dog on the train (if it wasn’t in a container of some sort).
The new law is the base for this set of hilarious pictures you’re about to see. Dogs who definitely do not fit in bags, but are in one any case.

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