Nine Symptoms During Pregnacy That Require Medical Assistance

Pregnancy is a completely new state for your body, and it’s natural to have a lot of questions during that time.  It’s also absolutely normal to experience odd sensations and to worry. Most of the time, what you are experiencing are normal changes in your body which occur when a fetus is growing inside of you. However, sometimes things do go wrong. If this happens, the faster you react – the better. Also, whenever you’re having doubts, it’s never a bad idea to give your doctor a call.

Here are some of the symptoms which would require you to pick up the phone.

  1. Bleeding, fever, chills and pain

While light spotting during pregnancy is not uncommon, in case you notice moderate or heavy vaginal bleeding, or if the bleeding is accompanied by a fever, pain and/or chills, the best thing for you to do would be to dial your doctor immediately and tell him all your symptoms.

  1. Fever above 103 degrees

Early in pregnancy, high fever can severely damage your system and even lead to miscarriage. Later in pregnancy, high fever is not as dangerous for your baby, but you should still tell your doctor about it, as it could be a sign of infection or some other issue.

  1. Frequent and painful urination

Frequent urination is a common complaint during pregnancy, but if burning and pain are also present, then it might be a sign of urinary infection. Urinary infections are especially uncomfortable during pregnancy, so make sure you call the doctor right away, so you could prevent further complications. Also, drink enough water, wear cotton underwear, empty your bladder before and after intercourse, and try to avoid wearing leggings and hose.

  1. Vomiting accompanied by fever or pain

Nausea that goes beyond typical morning sickness is a sign to worry. A severe form of morning sickness is treated with prescription medication. If you are vomiting more than once a day, feel any kind of pain, and have a fever, do not hesitate to call your doctor.

  1. Dizziness, headache and fainting

Call your doctor as soon as possible if you are suffering from severe and persistent headache, especially if it’s accompanied by blurred vision, dizziness and/or fainting. Find a place to sit and calm down if you’re feeling faint, and try to have someone with you while you’re waiting for the doctor to arrive. For quick help, try drinking a glass of water and lying on your left side.

  1. Sudden swelling

If your hands and face swell suddenly in your second or third trimester, it may be a sign of more than just normal water retention. Pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, also known as pre-eclampsia, requires your immediate visit to the doctor’s office as it is a serious pregnancy complication.

  1. Heavy vaginal discharge of thin fluid

If you experience a rush of liquid before the 37th week of your pregnancy, especially if you also have contractions,  you should call the doctor right away, as this could be a sign of preterm later.

  1. Moderate to severe pelvic pain

Many pregnant women are familiar with a certain amount of pelvic pressure during pregnancy. But severe and persistent pain can be a reason to worry, especially if it’s accompanied by fever. Try stretching, drinking water and resting. If that doesn’t help quickly, pick up the phone and call your doctor.

  1. Lack of fetal movement

Later in pregnancy, most doctors recommend looking for 10 movements of your baby during 10 minutes. If you don’t feel any movement, try drinking some fruit juice, since it’s filled with natural sugars which boost the baby’s blood sugar. After that, lie on your left side and rest for half an hour. If you don’t feel any movement after your second try, or if you notice that two hours passed by and you didn’t feel 10 movements, be sure to call your doctor.

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