Dog Goes Manic After Kids Take Away Her Pups

As any parent will know reading this, when a kid goes missing it can cause major panic. Our kids are our lives, so when we don’t know where they are, we are failing in our duty to keep them safe. That can drive even the most hard-faced and stoic of parents crazy. That being said, we have enough self-restraint to be able to look rationally at the situation, to get help and to take things on with the help of others and to try and find a logical way to get them back.

For animals, that rationality does not exist. When two little boys decided to bring two little puppies back home, they never realized that they had left the mother of the pups without any clue of what was going on. The mother, homeless, had gone off to try and find food for her little trio and had to leave them be for the time-being.

The puppies were, unsuccessfully, bottle-fed for two days until the little guys began to realise that this probably was not quite going to work out. So, after what I imagine was a bit of to-and-fro with their parents, the little kids agreed to take the little puppies back to their real mother. Now most likely manic after two days without her little ones, she was distraught and unable to cope with the situation.

Hope for Paws Saves the Day

This is when Hope for Paws got involved, a wonderful organization that look to help animals out in any way that they can. They gambled on taking the pups back to where they had been found, with the hope that the mother would have returned. Luckily, when they arrived the mother was prowling around – and she wasn’t too impressed.

Deeply protective of her young, and rightly so, she wasn’t very happy with the intrusion. Her little babies had been taken from her once; so she wasn’t going to let anything else happen to them now!

At first, she was very aggressive and wanted to be left along with them at all costs. Despite the fact she was likely starving and in desperate need of food, she was too protective and alert about her babies being in danger to care about herself.

It took the team some time to calm her down, fearing that she might make a run for it at once stage. Thankfully, as you can see in the video, they manage to calm her down enough to her to eat something and to just relax a little and let the situation unfold in a calmer manner. It does take her a bit of time to get back to normal, but as the video shows she does and she’s happy to be reunited with her little ones, the dilemma over and done with.

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