The Newest Form of Caring for Your Premature Baby

Kangaroo Mothercare is a new phenomena that is said to set your pre-mature babies up for an easier future, both mentally and physically. Of course, there are many techniques that can work, but this one is most likely to be effective for most mothers. It is a way of using protection, breastfeeding, and skin to skin contact with your premature babies to make them feel secure. We will go further into the details, but for now lets start off with the basics. You will truly want to make your babies nourished with affection because it is the most healing form of parenting.


Back to the details, Kangaroo Mothercare experts are using science to prove their findings about how this could help your infants. It is proven that affection and contact with your babies is necessary as to start off their early feelings with security. This most works for babies born prematurely and underweight, although it could be used for all babies. The core techniques are simple and emotional. When the baby is napping, nap with him or her. Hold the baby in contact with your skin while you walk around for your six hour day, or however long the day it is. Lastly, sleep with your baby, but ensure that their airways are not blocked so they won’t choke and they will be secure with your contact.


According to the statistics, more than ten million babies are born prematurely and are in need of special care. Once again, there are many techniques, but the psychological aspects of skin contact with your infant will allow for he or she to truly thrive when they are older. Try it for a few months as they grow, and see how they behave and react emotionally and mentally. You never know what could come about!



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