New Study: What's The Connection Between Work And Healthy Children? ⋆

New Study: What’s The Connection Between Work And Healthy Children?

The world that we live in appears to be a world with very, very confusing priorities. From a young age, we are essentially bred to work. We are brought into the world with one singular aim, at least in the eyes of government: to work. We used to work to live, now we live to work.

It’s thoroughly depressing, but most are caught up in the trap that, to raise happy and healthy kids, they need to work. Yes, we need money to do nice things: but is working the be-all and end-all for raising happy kids?

A study in the Social Science and Medicine journal in January 2019 raised the issue about how work played its role in developing happy, healthy children. indeed, it was found that it wasn’t your bank balance or work status that helps you to raise happy kids: it’s being well-adjusted and capable of showing empathy and love.

You don’t need to turn into a cold-hearted careerist: there’s more to raising kids than having money in the bank.

The study found that those who grew up with adjusted, happy and empathetic parents tended to enjoy a much better quality of life overall. Even taking into account stuff like poverty or not living with comfort financially, the love and affection our parents show far outweighs how many toys we have or how many holidays we take together.

Warm parents and happy households often produce people without the need for a substance, either. Those who grew up in a less loving environment are seemingly more likely to turn to health decisions that would impact them negatively, such as taking drugs, according to the abstract of the study.

Love Trumps Work

It’s important to remember that, in life, it’s about the people around us. Having money is always a nice thing, but not at the expense of having a poor or cold relationship with those who really matter. When you are lying on your death bed, do you want to think about that six-figure bank account? Or that the fact that you have countless happy memories with your children?

Happiness, physical and mental well-being, having a purpose, a strong character and naturally strong relationships all far exceed the importance of material wealth. Those who flourish in life often do so because they are surrounded by a purpose and are empowered by good people. There really is no substitute in this world for having good, honest and helpful people in our lives.

Money might make you more likely to avoid having a problem or things like an illness. But it won’t ever make up for the gap in relationships that you potentially suffer from in life. While some people worry that parents today are ‘too intense’, it’s important that we show as much love and care to our kids as we can.

Surely, it’s better to be loving and kind to the point of excess instead of being cold and treating your child like an investment? The study seems to agree with us, anyway.