New Power Bo-Peep In Toy Story 4! ⋆

New Power Bo-Peep In Toy Story 4!

Huge fans of Bo Peep can take a huge sigh of relief when viewing the teaser trailer that was recently released.  It shows that in fact, Bo Peep is back in the fourth film.  Not only is she back, but she’s now donning a whole new look!

If you remember, in the previous films, she wore a large pink and white puffball dress and a curved brimmed pink hat. As darling as the original outfit was, it has been replaced with a light blue jumpsuit that’s finished off with a pink bow in her hair.

Not Just Cosmetic

The decision in creating a whole new look is not just for a cosmetic look.  Bo Peep’s character has undergone a complete makeover for the fourth installment of Toy Story 4.  Her image is now that of an “adventure-seeking free spirit”.

Paraphrasing Comic Book director, Josh Cooley, he sees Bo Peep as someone who has taken control of her own life.  While Woody was watching Andy grow up, Bo Peep was just collecting dust until it was decided she would take it upon herself to head out into the world.

When Woody shows up, they cannot believe they all found each other again. While the audience will watch her evolved, her voice will still be performed by Annie Potts who said that Bo Peep is “inspiring”.


Paraphrasing Annie, she also added, she is modern, independent, capable and confident. Her character is written and conceived to be inspiring as she weathers life’s ups and downs with grace.

In the first trailer, Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, Space Alien, and Slinky Dog are floating through the air all holding hands.  If you are a big fan of these characters, worry not, they will all be back in Toy Story 4!

The plot of Toy Story 4 is a continuation of the theme you saw in the third film.  Tim Allen who is the voice for Buzz Lightyear said he thinks it’s so funny, emotional, and so big.

The idea they have come up with is absolutely startling. He also added that getting through the last scene, he would have loved being a Washington leaker!

That said, when asked for more information, he refused to leak any information, saying he couldn’t do it and therefore would not give any other information out.

I guess that means that if you want to know the storyline for Toy Story 4, you are just going to wait for the release and finding out for yourself. The film is set to be released on June 21st in the UK.