New Gender-Inclusive Doll from Mattel ⋆

New Gender-Inclusive Doll from Mattel

The world-renowned toymaker Mattel has launched a new doll line.

Creatable World allows kids to create their own dolls for a fully gender-inclusive experience. Kids can choose to swap out hairstyles and choose to dress the doll in multiple ways – in fact, the dolls themselves are a blank canvas just waiting for the kids to use their imaginations.

Speaking about the new gender-inclusive range the company said that the dolls were a reflection of culture change and wanted to embrace inclusivity by introducing a ‘label-free’ range of dolls.

To develop the dolls the company has worked closely with experts, doctors and, of course, kids and their parents to create a truly unique experience.

I have to say that looking back at my childhood toys I would have loved to have had the opportunity to play with dolls like these.

I loved dressing up my dolls in the latest fashions, brushing their hair and choosing high heels but it would have been great for them to have been more reflective of reality and to have been able to choose different styles of hair and clothing.

What Do Kids Want?

Today, toy companies do extensive research to find out what the kids want. The results were clear: Children want their toys to be a reflection of themselves and they want to be able to express themselves without having to conform to set gender norms.

The new Creatable World dolls are now available from major stores including Target, Walmart and Amazon. There are 6 different kits to choose from, representing a variety of skin tones.

Each kit costs $30 and includes the doll, two different hairstyles and multiple possibilities for creating a personal style.

These dolls follow on from the Fashionista Friends range which Mattel released back in February which come in a variety of skin tones, with facial features, hair textures and body types that are more representative of reality than the traditional Barbie doll.

The new range also focuses on inclusivity and has included dolls with physical impairments for the first time.

Kids’ toys have come a long way and Mattel’s new dolls show that the industry is continuing to evolve in response to changes in the way we view the world.