Netflix: Is the Competition Toppling the Giant? ⋆

Netflix: Is the Competition Toppling the Giant?

Netflix has been told that not only will Warner Bros be removing Friends from their service but NBS is also removing the popular series, The Office.  This news comes as both Warner and NBS launch their own streaming services.

Disney has been moving their own content from Netflix as the launch of the Disney+ service approaches.  Could the arrival of these new competitors finally topple Netflix as the top streaming service?

Fans threaten to cancel

Many fans have said that if their favorite show moves so will they.  If they follow through on the threat then that could be a problem for Netflix.  Around 1 in 10 fans of The Office are set to leave and follow the show to NBS and that could cost Netflix around $935million in lost subscriptions.

It is the subscriptions that ultimately fund the platform and allows Netflix the opportunity to present original content as well as buy the rights to the shows they stream.  A loss of almost $1billion would severely impact their ability to do this.

Netflix is focused on producing more original content

Netflix knows that in order to stay competitive it has to make changes and as the new streaming services emerge they have to find another way to keep their customer base.

To do this the streaming giant is making a large investment in producing quality original content. In fact, there are plans for over 100 new and original productions in the next 3 years ranging from movies to series and shorts, many of which are currently in various stages of production.

So far Netflix’s original content has been very well received and there is no reason to think this will not be the case for upcoming releases.  Netflix’s original film Roma received a staggering 10 nominations at the Academy Awards and took home 3 trophies.