Must Watch: Cute and Cuddly Happy Pet Family


What do 5 kittens and 3 Dalmatians napping together have in common? The answer is simple: complete and utter cuteness.

Sometimes, cats and dogs can be friends. In fact, they can be best friends indeed and enjoy their nap time together in the coziness of their shared mattress. These little kittens have tucked in so closely to the Dalmatians and enjoy their afternoon purr lying next to their cute, dotted friends.

The family (of humans) took in the cat litter and when seeing these little kittens the dogs immediately turned on their “parent” mode and started taking care of the kittens, if it’s playing with them, shoving their food towards them and sleeping with them to keep them warm and cozy.

If you want cats and dogs together at your house, you need to bring both pets in when they are just pups and kittens. Just before their instincts kick in. That’s they will get used to each other and live happily ever after.


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