Must See: A Huskies Photoshoot ⋆

Must See: A Huskies Photoshoot

Photographer Erika Tcogoeva has shared her amazing photographs of her precious Huskies. Be Duly Forewarned! If you view these pictures, you will want your own pack of Huskies!

The popularity of animal social media accounts has taken over the internet during the past few years and I don’t know a lot of people who don’t enjoy pictures of dogs.

Erika Tcogoeva has gone beyond the call with her gorgeous photos of her favorite breed of dogs, the Husky.  If you don’t seriously fall in love with these pictures, I don’t know what will.

Enter The World Of Gorgeous Huskies

Even though all puppies are precious and adorable, there is no doubt that Huskies are some of the most incredibly gorgeous dogs on this planet. Huskies are known for their brilliant eyes, plush fur, and striking markings.  They have many human-like personalities and love people.

These dogs, in return, deserve all the love we can possibly give them.  People in their country of origin absolutely adore these dogs. The Siberian Husky originated from Eastern Russia and are still the most popular dog there.

I believe this wonderful photographer is the biggest fan of this breed and has captured the essence of these dogs.  They are playful, loving, and possess an incredible spirit that shines through.

Erika Tcogoeva is a photographer and illustrator from St. Petersburg.  Her favorite subject is obviously her wonderful Huskies and is an enormous fan of the breed. Through her impressive photography, she has showcased her puppies as well as Huskies belonging to people around her.

Using her incredible skills with photography, she has painted a wonderful picture of Huskies as strong, highly intelligent, loving, and connected dogs.  Her pictures are so adorable, it’s difficult to not fall in love with them.  Erika is dedicated to capturing this gorgeous breed through her photographs.

Tcogoeva posts her many photographs on her Instagram account – @erikaeasy,  from happy puppies dressed in sweaters to others prancing through the snow.  She captures the playful energy that Huskies possess.  Just check out that grin!!

There is no doubt that Erika has a pure, unconditional love for these dogs that will not disappear anytime soon.  All we can hope for, she will continue to engage us and show the world how much Huskies have to offer.

You might not be able to resist calling your local shelter to see if there’s a Husky with your name on him or her.