Inspiration Corner: Mother of Two Returns from The Brink ⋆

Inspiration Corner: Mother of Two Returns from The Brink

When we read about someone being divorced, we often hear about the damage it has on their personal life. One thing that is often seen as secondary, though, is the impact the divorce has on financial capabilities. The story of Charlotte Sapwell, 27, is a harrowing one: though it does have the added bonus of having a happy ending.

Charlotte was the mother o two young children, aged 2 and 6 respectively. The divorce took almost everything from her, and she was essentially left homeless. Thankfully, she had loving grandparents who offered her shelter – and a plan. That was the beginning of a new change in circumstances that would change everything for the better.

After renting an apartment that was in her price range but never big enough, or not being able to afford the space she needs, Charlotte was close to breaking point. A mortgage was out of the question, and raising two ids meant her employment prospects were limited, too.

Going round to see her grandparents for support, they lent her some money in a bid to try and get her back up on her feet. While her grandpa couldn’t take them in due to space problems himself, they did realize that, with a bit of work, they could build a small home in the space in his garden.

Alongside her sons and her grandfather, Charlotte set to work and began to lay the foundations for what would one day become her own home.

A Rapid Transformation

By the end, she’d put together a 10 x 20-foot home that cost a meager $13,000. Every material was locally and smartly sourced, and in a five-month period, it went from being a dream to the most wonderful reality.

From homeless to proud homeowner once again, Charlotte was delighted. She said: “I went from living in a massive home with my husband and kids to a tiny rented unit to this small space, and out of all the places I’ve lived in this is my favorite. I don’t know how long we will stay in this space, but I can’t imagine living anywhere else but a tiny home now.”


With two main rooms and a bedroom for her and one for the boys, everyone is able to live with a sense of comfort and community together. A little kitchen, dining and lounge room was built, too, creating the perfect little homely space for the family to grow up in.

“It is all mine. The kids are right there all the time and we are so close. Yes, it means we have virtually zero privacy from each other, but I love it,” Charlotte explained.

At the moment, she is in the process of starting a second building project, for her grandmother, and sees a long-term future for herself in this. her aim is to build tiny houses, saying that she wants to show that “anyone can build their future.”

How impressed are you by her awesome handiwork?


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