Mother Puts Family First On Job Interview. Win! ⋆

Mother Puts Family First On Job Interview. Win!

Mothers on interviews know that even in today’s world, admitting a solid commitment to family first can be a torpedo, sinking any chance of being hired.  It’s very difficult for a mother to raise the subject of a flexible schedule or work-life balance may be enough to stop the interview process right in its tracks.

It’s a remarkable thing when a mother actually stands up for her family and her priorities in a job interview.  Most parents will hide how many kids they have or how the kids may affect work performance and job attendance.  It’s unfortunate that many mothers end up working in jobs where there is no real respect for life off the clock.

Company Support

When an SC Johnson interviewer came face to face with a job seeker who was completely upfront about her family priorities, the interview turned out far differently than she may have expected.

Christy Paoletti is part of the global acquisition team for SC Johnson and reminds her followers of exactly why SC Johnson stays on the Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies list.  According to Christy’s LinkedIn post:

“Yesterday, I had a candidate proudly share with me that she’s a mom first and foremost and that her next career move would need to support her as a working parent (clearly her most important work). First, I loved her pride and comfort in declaring herself as a Mom. Second, I was excited to share with her our commitment to our SCJ families…core hours/flexible hours, holiday shutdown, childcare learning center, paternity and adoption leave, working mothers’ groups…oh and proudly celebrating 30+ years on the Working Mothers 100 Best Companies list!”

For her part, the job seeker had most likely done some research and understood that SC Johnson is a very family friendly work place before sitting for the interview.  Her calculations paid off, though, and she certainly applied to the right company.  SC Johnson is famous for its family friendly work environment that features programs and policies for working parents so they can achieve a perfect work-life balance.