Mother Goes Nuts for Baby Girl, She Thought. ⋆

Mother Goes Nuts for Baby Girl, She Thought.

When we hear about the birth of a child, it’s a truly a special occasion; a chance for everyone to feel happy, proud and complete. It’s a special experience and one that tends to stick with us all as a family for years to come. However, sometimes we go a touch overboard when we find out the gender of our child.

It’s a big moment of course, but one woman, in particular, went a bit too far with her spending spree for preparing for her ‘daughter’. Deciding that she wanted everything to be ready for her little girl with the right amount of glam, she invested around $4,000 in gifts, toys, and accessories – all in a delightfully girly pink!

At her 20-week scan, she was told it was going to be a baby girl. 100% a girl. This naturally made her very excited, so she decided to go nuts and spend a little bit more on the babies’ arrival than she would have perhaps first intended.

Pink is, of course, the traditional go-to for a baby girl, so she went out and bought all sorts of pink stuff for her little princess. Clothes, toys, walls painted etc. – everything was pink, and it was rather amazing to see. it made an instant impression and naturally had everyone in high spirits; the whole family was so excited.

She even decided the name for her baby girl – Lily-Mae. The whole room was done up in top style and it made it much easier for her to get the room right for her own enjoyment. With over $4,000 spent on this new equipment, Sarah then gave birth to a happy and healthy baby girl.

What she found out, though, was that she didn’t have a baby girl at all. The midwife looked at her and said: “There’s something that you need to see.”

And she saw.

While she was able to get a refund on a lot of the products she bought, the room had to be repainted and the whole story left a bit of a sour taste for some. Others, though, found the chaos of the situation pretty hard not to find at least a little funny. While it’s a shame she cost herself so much money and the hospital staff should obviously have spotted the mistake at her prenatal scan, it’s a rather comical story that should leave you in no doubt that even 100% certainty isn’t always quite 100%!

Share this story with anyone who you know who has gone crazy for their soon-to-be-born child. They might be able to save themselves a few hundred (or thousand) bucks buying the wrong stuff!