Monsta X Fans: Bring Back Wonho! ⋆

Monsta X Fans: Bring Back Wonho!

More than 300,000 fans of the K-Pop band Monsta X have taken to the web to sign a petition calling for Won Ho to go back to the group.  The fans are campaigning under the hashtag of #WONHOWEGOTYOURBACK which soon began to trend on Twitter and has shown no signs that it is going away any time soon.

Wonho made the announcement that he was leaving the K-pop band and since then hundreds of thousands of fans,  heartbroken at the news, have signed the petition.  Digital Music News reports that the number of signatures soon reached 300,000 and continues to grow.

One of the boy band’s biggest fans known on Twitter as @kihbebes has started a GoFundMe page and has now raised over $25,000 which will be used for a billboard to be displayed in Times Square, New York City.  The graphic will be seen 30 times an hour over a period of 21 hours and will be on screen for 15 seconds.

Loud and Clear

The message from the GoFundMe page is clear – they will not be ignored by Starship (Monsta X’s management company).  They also used the platform to confirm that the billboard has been arranged and will be going live this week.  Meanwhile, the band’s fans continue to flock to social media to show their support and asking for Wonho’s immediate return.

Wonho announced he was leaving the group after several accusations surfaced against him, one of which alleged that he had borrowed money from Jung De Eun when the pair worked together on the popular Korean TV show Ulzzang Shidae.

In the announcement, Wonho expressed his sorrow at any harm he had caused to his fellow band members as a result of these unfortunate events.  He said he took the decision to leave when he could see how it had affected the other members of Monsta X.