Mom's Comeback To Racial Troll ⋆

Mom’s Comeback To Racial Troll

At one point, this woman’s daughter had changed her profile picture on Facebook and literally not more than 5 minutes passed when mom received a message from someone who didn’t know but wanted to know if she was aware her daughter was dating a black boy.

She said it took her an entire day to come up with a response and then decided to share it with everyone, in case there were others that may not know her daughter is dating a black boy!

She most definitely knew this but the color of his skin has nothing to do with who he is.  What defines him is the way he treats her daughter. He comes to her home and treats her with nothing but respect.

Heather is a mom from Houston, NS and definitely has a bone to pick with a friend that she believes has way overstepped her bounds when talking about whom her daughter dates  Her public message has gone viral on Facebook when she responded to this rude question.

Heather went on to say it was not more than 5 minutes after her daughter’s profile was changed when this “so-called” friend wanted to know if she was aware her daughter was dating a black person.  Well, she had to think of an appropriate response and then decided to make this public for any other people who might want to know!

Shared Values

She also made it clear that Kennedy and her boyfriend share very similar values which also includes going to church on Sundays.  She also informed everyone that he plays in a band.  He is a young man who makes church his priority, he does not cuss, lie, or make her daughter cry.

Would these people prefer that her daughter date a white boy who would do all of the above in the name of dating a different race?  Absolutely not!

Heather ended by saying that people have their own opinions but by the end of the day, it comes down to her daughter having someone in her life that truly loves her and treats her like a queen!  She said this is something she never had in her life and is so glad her daughter does.