Mom Slates Kids Artistic Skills, Social Media Reacts

In life, one of the single most damaging things that can happen to us is our parents being negative to us. Our parents are often the prime role models in our life. At younger ages, especially, what they think of what we say, think and do is a major influence in our life. When our parents encourage us, it can push us to do new things that we never would have dared to attempt in the past.

That’s a very powerful emotion, and one that can often have a pretty major impact on how we live our lives from a general standpoint. When our parents criticize us, it can have a similarly negative effect. Critique from those we trust most can make us stop doing something entirely. When one mother was seen on social media criticizing the artistic qualities of her daughter, people rightfully reacted in a negative manner.

Talking to your child like they aren’t worth a damn is never good so when sister Emely, 17, found a heartbreaking note written by her young sister, Marely, 10, she got angry!  She asked her sister to paint her some artwork on a new pair of Vans. But when she came home she found not only the sneakers non-complete, but a letter that went with it that would make blood boil.

“I’m sorry if you don’t like them I tried my best. Mom said she didn’t like them and that broke my heart. I don’t need you to break it more.”

That was what the note said, and Emely – clearly upset – took it to Twitter to try and get some extra support for the work her sister had carried out. The message on Twitter she put out was pretty damning…

“I asked my little sister if she could paint my shoes because she wants to be an artist before I left to go out,” she began.

“When I got home this was on my bed and now I’m literally crying because I love them so much and it sucks how much your parents affect u when they’re not supportive.”

Naturally, the tweet soon caught fire and the good people of the internet found it in their hearts to let their mom know that she was talking nonsense. The kindness of strangers is often a precarious balance, but the kind works that came through from across the web soon changed how Emely – and her sister –felt about her creative and awesome new shoes. Marely even posted a cool message via her sister Twitter account, addressed to “Dear Nice People” and the letter itself is so heartfelt.

Thankfully, her sister decided to share her artwork with the world and drew the response she was hoping for. No more sadness Marley; it might just turn out that you know more about art than your mom ever will. They are a damn fine pair of shoes; this is why parents and fashion advice should be left in the dumpster!



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