Mom Pushed Her Kids in a Stroller While Running a Marathon ⋆

Mom Pushed Her Kids in a Stroller While Running a Marathon

Cynthia Arnold has taken running a marathon to a whole new level by challenging herself to run it the fastest anyone has while simultaneously pushing three children in a triple stroller. This strong mother of three puts us all to shame with her amazing feat!

Cynthia and her husband have always been passionate about fitness. Her husband would choose his legs as a mode to get to work over driving any day, and they’ve made a conscious choice to raise their kids in Montana to be active and nature-loving.

Cynthia, however, now holds more than one world record because of her passion for fitness that has not been daunted by three children. When she just had two children, Cynthia ran a half marathon; in 2018, she set the world record for the fastest finishing time for a half marathon while pushing three kids in a stroller.

Then, in 2019, she broke yet another world record for the fastest finishing time for a full marathon with three kids in tow; that’s just over 26 miles! While she isn’t the first to attempt it, she is now the fastest to have done it!

Personally, I have a hard enough time running a half marathon on my own, much less a full one while pushing three kids in a stroller! Her strength and determination are truly inspiring!

The Kids Get Bigger Every Marathon

While Cynthia has had previous experience competing with her children, this time was more challenging than past ones. Not only did she have more kids, but they have also grown bigger than they were in her last race.

The combined weight of the kids and the stroller was just over 175 pounds altogether. Additionally, moving from successfully running a half marathon to a full marathon takes quite a lot of training and endurance. She still hadn’t reached the timing goal during her training up until the race day!

Additionally, any mother would know that sitting in a stroller for 3-4 hours isn’t any kids favorite activity, especially for a seven-year-old. Cynthia’s youngest is two, and the oldest is seven.

The average person takes a minimum of four hours to run a marathon, and though Cynthia did it in three, she still had to get creative to keep her kids content. She told the reporters that her oldest read to the younger kids to help pass the time and keep them happy.

So, what will Cynthia Arnold take on next? This marathon took quite a toll on her, and, as nature goes, the kids will only grow larger. Cynthia says this is the last marathon she will run while pushing her children, for both her sake and the children’s.

She and her husband will continue to encourage them to exercise and enjoy nature in other ways. They are passionate about avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and taking full advantage of a beautiful world and healthy bodies.